Audio Collective

Cost-effective solutions to quality post production sound

Imagine having your show mixed with a top-flight dubbing mixer for a fraction of the price most Soho facilities charge. Sounds good? We guarantee it will.

The future of post production sound

Audio Collective provides a bespoke audio post production service making the most of new technologies which allow for remote working. Sound post production consists of many elements – conforming, voice over record, track-laying, editing, sound design, mixing, layback & creating deliverables. For many productions much of this (if not all) can now take place outside of expensive dubbing theaters.

A network of well known and respected dubbing mixers with their own facilities, Audio Collective can provide for all of your post sound needs. We own the same equipment as the major post houses but don’t have the high overheads. We provide a flexible service – for those elements which need to be in a traditional post facility or one local to you anywhere in the country, that’s where we do them. Even if your hands are tied by service level agreements, you can reduce the bill with the expensive full facility by increasing your prep time with us. Whether a big series or small one-off, our philosophy is to consider your project as a whole and provide the most cost effective way of making your show sound amazing!

Please take the time to read our case studies explaining how this approach has benefitted the following productions:

  • The Slammer (BBC)
  • The Chase (ITV Studios)
  • Loose Women in New York (ITV Studios)
  • Diddy Movies (CBBC)
  • Florence and the Machine (Vice)

One stop service for all TV sound requirements

The Audio Collective team are all dubbing mixers in addition to being well respected sound supervisors. As such we are workflow specialists and can advise on the sound requirements for your whole production. Audio Collective is a collaboration of the best in TV sound and as such we can provide sound supervisors, gram ops, crew and we also have close relationships with equipment hire companies.